When You Need a Break From Your Fun in the Sun

By September 15, 2016Shade Options
A shaded walkway in a park

There are few things in life more enjoyable than soaking up the sun with friends and family. Whether in your own backyard, at the local beach or on your lunch break at work, most people feel rejuvenated after just a little time in the sunshine. But even the most ardent of sun lovers agree, sometimes you need a little shade.

What Are Shade Structures?

Shade structures are exactly what they sound like, a structure that provides shade. They can take many forms in both permanent and movable varieties. Even nature provides shade structures in the form of trees, bushes and plants. Often a shade structure is included over patios or decks in a residential setting, and over public seating areas in a commercial setting. Many businesses strive to provide a nice shady area outside for their employees to enjoy during break times.

Why Are Shade Structures Important?

Including a shade structure in your outdoor space will accomplish several different things, the most obvious being that it provides protection from the sun for both people and property. UV rays from the sun not only damage skin, but prolonged exposure also damages the surface of your patio or deck. Even the family car needs a break from the sun! Using a shade structure to cover a regular parking space will not only save you from a sweltering car interior, but also helps prolong the life of your car’s exterior and interior surfaces. Shade structures are also an easy way to help visually break up an outdoor space. Using shade structures to define the different areas of your yard will give the space a more complete feel, and it’s a functional way to add beauty to the landscape. A well-designed structure can be a work of art when executed properly.

What Are the Options?

When planning your outdoor living space, there are a variety of things you could do to incorporate shade. Trees, shrubbery and plants are a natural and beautiful way to give your space areas of respite from the sun. However, these options may take some time to fully develop and provide adequate shade, so you may want to incorporate a shade structure as well. Permanent structures could include pergolas, gazebos or cabanas, and our proprietary designs at Modern Shade. Or you may want to do something simpler such as an oversized umbrella or a sunshade that utilizes outdoor fabric. There are also options for portable shade structures that range from a simple umbrella to a large portable shelter. These options can also work in a permanent space, such as your own yard, deck or patio, and they are really useful options when you are enjoying an outing at your local park or beach.

So get out there and enjoy the beauty and refreshment that comes from being in the great outdoors, whether it’s fun in the sun or a day made in the shade!

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