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Harmful Effects of Sun and Benefits of the Shade

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Shade structures can come in many shapes and sizes. Most people think of them as mere convenience, something that is there just because it looks good or because it makes an outdoor setting feel a little bit better. But the reality is that there are many legitimate reasons that you should have a shade structure. There are harmful effects of the sun that shade structures can help you avoid, as well as many actual benefits of shade that have more to do than just the sun.

Harmful Effects of the Sun

Harmful effects of the sun are prevalent. 66,000 deaths occur annually from the sun. Prolonged exposure in the short term causes sunburn, but every time someone gets sunburned, there are long term effects that are piled on top. Over time, the eye will actually experience cell degeneration, stopping itself from properly healing and eventually contributing to cataracts. This of course is linked with diminished eyesight and blindness. While many think that only those with fairer skin can be harmed by the sun, it is actually something that breaches all races and does not care what color your skin is. While having more melanin can help protect your skin, it does not make it invincible from the sun. Ultimately though, this information is not cause to be afraid, but is merely for education. Most of the 2-3 million sun-based cancers that occur on the skin are successfully removed, but the cost is not something cheap.

Benefits of the shade.

Those who protect themselves from the sun can protect themselves from many of the effects of aging. A woman who has protected herself from the sun can expect to appear 30 at age 40. Additionally, shade does not merely keep the sun out of your eyes. It can make the area literally cooler, and combined with plants it will make the temperature drop very noticably. There are different variances between sun and shade depending on what you are measuring. A table in the sun can that is at 144F will drop down to 89F if left in the shade. While that is an object that absorbs sun, that difference also translates into playground equipment. The variance is there, but the benefit is real. Grass in the sun vs. the shade will be 15F cooler, but a parking lot in the same conditions will drop over 35F! On average, one can expect a difference of 27.5F.

As you can see, a shade structure can provide very real benefits in addition to the aesthetic improvement it can bring to an outdoor space. If you have an outdoor space that’s used often such as a pool, playground, or lot space, consider installing some shade not only for the sake of comfort, but for the sake of health.

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