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Preventing Burns from Playgrounds

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Children love to play at playgrounds that offer activities that keep their bodies and minds active and healthy. It is a great way for kids to socialize and exercise. Parents need to be aware of burns associated with playgrounds and need to consider shade structures when choosing a playground. Shade structures are a great way to keep children cool and prevent burns.


Sunburns are a common problem in children. The younger the child, the more likely a sunburn is to occur. Most parents remember to apply sunscreen to their children on the beach or while swimming, but it is much easier to forget to apply sunscreen regularly during normal daily activities such as going to a playground or park. Choosing a playground with shade shelters will help parents and children to be able to prevent burns from the sun and will reduce the risk of sunburns. 

It is now widely understood that adults who developed sunburns as children are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Multiple sunburns and severe sunburns increase the risk for a child developing skin cancer as an adult. Some skin cancers, such as melanoma, can require surgery, cancer treatments, and are potentially deadly. Parents should closely follow sunscreen instructions for application and reapplication, and select playgrounds with shade shelters that cover playground equipment to prevent sunburns.

Equipment Burns

Children can develop another lesser known form of burns while playing on a playground. Second and third-degree burns commonly occur on playground equipment that is not in the shade. A child can slide down a hot slide or come into contact with the nuts and bolts that secure the playground equipment together and easily develop moderate to severe burns. When metal or other materials such as plastic are exposed to direct sunlight for extensive periods of time, they can heat up well over 120-degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over 120 degrees can burn a child’s skin. Children are not aware of the dangers of hot objects, so we must prevent those objects from becoming hot in the first place. That is why it is so important to choose a playground with shaded equipment. 

Choosing playgrounds with a structure built to shade play equipment is the best way to prevent burns from playground equipment. Equipment and toys that aren’t protected by shade are likely to become hot. A child should always have emergency care for third degree burns. Second or third degree burns can also lead to additional illness if the child develops an infection from the burn. Contact your pediatrician if you are concerned about your child’s burns.


Prevention of burns is easiest way to keep your child healthy. When you take your child to a playground, always seek one that has a structure that shades the equipment from the hot sun. Children are very active and constantly touch equipment that can reach very high temperatures. Many larger parks and playgrounds offer shelter structures and shade in order to protect children from equipment burns and heat. If your local park doesn’t offer shaded play areas, speak to the park manager about getting shade structures built.

Keeping the car cool during those hot summer months

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People aren’t the only ones who need the shade. Cars need shade too. This is most important during those peak hot summer months. There are some times when you can’t put the car in a garage. The space just doesn’t allow for it. There are lots of cases when a car is kept outside for long periods of time. How about when you go to work, and your car sits in the parking lot? How about when you come home and your car does the same thing? How about when you visit someone at the hospital? You might only be in there for a few hours. During the hot summer months one hour is enough to really do some damage to the car. 

It sounds like a really cool idea to put a cover over your car and leave it sit there? Sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, these types of covers do not exist, or do they?


Good question. It’s not that the steel roofing is bad, it’s just damaging to the car. Let’s take a look at a for instance. Say there’s a really bad rain storm, one that brings lots of hail stones. It might not be likely in your areas, but just pretend for now. Those hail stones have a way of bouncing off the steel roof and create even more damage. They can damage the roof and the cars underneath. 

The sun also has a damaging effect on the roof. In theory it seems like a good idea, but it’s not. An indoor parking lot is not likely to face as much damage as an outdoor parking lot is. 


Let’s get the insurance thing out of the way first. Using one of these will greatly reduce your chances of getting stabbed in the back by the insurance companies. Using one of these things will also help to make you happier too. On hot days it’s very hard to feel happy about coming back to a hot car. It takes forever for the air conditioner to truly air everything out. This is what makes the car cover so cool. You can get into your nice, cool car after being out in the heat for several hours. 

Have you heard of fabric shades? You’ve probably seen them at pools or over playgrounds, but have you seen them over parking lots? Think about car dealerships. Many of these have them over their high-end cars.

Parking under shade drastically reduces the heat inside your car, making it more bearable to sit inside of immediately, rather than waiting for it to cool down. This is a rather new concept for most companies and their parking lots. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about shaded parking, contact Modern Shade to discuss your options.

Fabric Shade Structure Over Park

Benefits Of Fabric Shade Structures

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Fabric shade structures have become a popular option for providing shade while working or playing in place of more “conventional” options, such as canvas, wood, or steel structures. Fabric shades are eye catching, unique and dramatic, which partly adds to the allure of these structures. They are a sustainable, durable solution that requires less material than alternative options. We’ve put together a quick look at just a few of the benefits of custom fabric shade structures:

Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer: The major benefit that a fabric shade structure provides is that it protects people from the harmful ultra violet rays that cases skin cancer. Exposure to prolonged ultra violet rays and sunburns, especially during childhood, increases the risk of melanoma and skin cancer. If left untreated this can lead to serious health problems. Prolonged exposure to sun rays also makes the skin become thick, leathery and wrinkled. Researchers also found out that cataracts are related to exposure of sun rays, so staying under some shade has quite a few health benefits.

Safe Shade: Fabric shade structures are a better option than wood or metal shades, as they are porous. They allow air to escape, which keeps the area underneath cooler and more comfortable. High density polythene fabrics blocks out over 95% of harmful ultra violet rays. It allows cool air to circulate unlike other materials that trap heat.

Durable: When a fabric shade structure is well designed, the life span can range from 10 to 25 years or more. They are highly weather resistant and can be used in extreme weather conditions. They can be designed to weather rain, wind, or snow as required by the climate of the region.

Environmentally Friendly: Fabric shade structures require less raw materials to construct, which results in lower production footprint. They also require less energy to transport due to their lighter weight.

Increase Revenue: Areas covered by permanent fabric shade structures can also be rented out in areas such as parks for office events, birthday parties, anniversaries and more, which can generate additional revenue.

Increases Community Value: An ordinary space can be transformed into a trendy or classy outdoor area with the right use of shading. The aesthetic appeal increases the value of the community, and can be an attraction for commercial investment and tourists. They’re a great way to add comfort to a park or outdoor exhibit, while also serving as an aesthetically pleasing addition.

The above are just a few examples of benefits of fabric shade structures. They are great for regulating temperatures when outside, no matter what activities are going on–from working on a construction project, to playing in a park, to keeping parked cars cool, or even keeping livestock healthy & happy (see our blog post about custom shade structures for cattle). If you’re looking at shade structure options, be sure to contact us to discuss your needs–we’d love to help!