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Cantilever Shades

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There are many advantages to using a cantilever shade structure for your home or business. Cantilever shade structures are attractive, versatile, durable and affordable, and can be constructed quickly. Only one of the sides of the structure needs support posts, that saves time and money. Plus the frames of the cantilever shade structures are designed to contain their own loads so there’s no tension placed on other structures. They can be placed in between buildings to provide shelter from the elements. Cantilever shades are specially engineered to work with wind loads and their rafters are curved so water runs right off of it.


Many people like cantilever shade structures because they can provide shade and protection while offering an unobstructed view. The wide range of sizes, colors and patterns on the fabric, and the color options on the steel posts holding them in place also make them a favorite of home and business owners. Whether you need an additional shady area for your home to serve as a place for outdoor parties, a carport, to cover an outdoor furniture grouping, or simply kick back and relax, cantilever shade structures are a great choice. Cantilever structures can also be used with restaurants, hotels, or any other type of business.

Available In A Variety Of Styles

Cantilevers can in a wide variety of styles as well. They include cantilevers with one post, single or double triangular trusses, a single or double flat truss, double or single center bows, and many other designs and configurations. Some people even construct cantilever shade structures that are back-to-back or side-by-side. This allows the structures to cover a larger area and provide shade no matter from which angle the sunshine is coming. The unique appearance of cantilever shade structures is another reason people love them. They often become marketing tools for commercial enterprises.

Unique, Attractive, And Aesthetically Pleasing

The complexity and artistic aesthetically pleasing look of the cantilever shade structure also adds to its popularity. Their unique construction make them natural conversation pieces and can be customized to include brand names, commercial or other types of messages, or outlandish colors, designs, and patterns. People put designs on the canopy of their cantilever shade structure themselves or have it done at the factory. The result is a structure with an unparalleled appearance that provides blessed shade and respited from precipitation while providing added beauty and uniqueness to your home or business.

Environmentally Friendly And Cost-Effective

Custom-made cantilever shade structures not only provide shelter from sun and rain, it also keeps the area around your home or business cooler. This causes the ambient air temperature to be cooler around your entryways, outdoor patios, and parking areas. This can save you money by reducing the cost of cooling the inside of your property. Plus it helps to provide protection from the sun’s UV rays. They are ideal for areas near pools, tennis courts, or other outdoor recreational activity. The cantilever shade structures are the perfect place to have refreshments or simply a place to relax. Plus its safe, durable, and costs a lot less than many other types of structures.

Shaded Parking

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If you are running any type of business, it would be important to ensure that you provide your customers with the services they expect in order to keep them coming back. If the customers have to come to your business premises, ensure that you provide for them ample parking spaces to enable them reach your place comfortably. This will help you attract more customers as parking offers you an edge over the other businesses. However, the quality of the parking you provide for them also matters a lot. When the sun is out shining throughout the day, your customers will have an uncomfortable time given that their vehicles will be left out in the sun and this could raise the heat inside the car. You could solve this issue by ensuring that you provide them with shaded parking slots due to some reasons discussed below.

Shaded Parking

It is every business owner’s desire to bring as many potential customers as possible to their storefront, you should make sure that you are always ahead of your competition. Providing your customers with a shaded parking will definitely attract more potential customers to your business on hot sunny days. The shaded parking could be the reason customers choose to come to your place instead of your competitors. They are more likely to spend extra time in your business premises as they are sure their vehicles are adequately protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Reduction of the Damage done to Cars

Shaded parking is important so your customers don’t have to suffer from a hot car when they leave your place of business. This will consequently reduce the damage that would have been caused to their cars by the hot sun. Heat from the sun causes a lot of expansion in a car and this could lead to the dashboards and other parts that are exposed to the sun cracking under the influence of the heat. When you have the right shade, your customer’s vehicles will be protected from all these issues and they will appreciate greatly.

In addition, when vehicles are left out in the hot sun for long periods of time they are susceptible to losing their gloss or brilliance. This is as a result of the car paint getting faded from the effects of being exposed to the sun for long. It is also possible that the paint will flake or chip much faster when it is exposed to sun. This will force you to repaint your car, which is not cheap. Excessive exposure to sunlight will also reduce the value of your car greatly as some parts may stop functioning completely due to the excess heat damaging them.

Reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect

Human activity mainly in urban areas that are crowded results in the urban heat island effect. Concrete and asphalt help in heating up an area due to the heat from the sun. The shaded parking helps reduce this urban heat island effect by reflecting away the rays of the sun back hence keeping the area cooler.

The Benefits Of Shade Structures

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What Is A Shade Structure?

A shade structure refers to any number of structures that provide shade from the sun. Shade structures come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and can be constructed from many different materials. For example, shade structures can be hexagonal shaped, octagonal shaped, square, rectangular and dome shaped.

The shape of the shade structure often depends on the space they will be covering in. Many picnic table pavilions often have rectangular, square or hexagonal shapes to provide full blockage of the sun from all angles. The cantilever shaped shade structure is often a popular alternative to a garage.

The colors of a shade structure can be mixed and matched to suit the environment they are located in. For example theme parks can use colorful shade structures. A restaurant or pool can use more neutral colors. Blending the color of the shade structure, especially the roof can create a more appealing playground, dining setting, pavilion or poolside area.

Materials that shade structure roofs or canopies are made out of include a lightweight breathable fabric, metal and plastic. The lightweight breathable fabric type roof allows air to circulate. A plastic roof or canopy is often an inexpensive solution for pavilions and pool side areas. Metal can be the most costly but is often the strongest material, must durable and aesthetically pleasing.

What Benefits Do Shade Structures Offer?

Shade structures provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays by providing shade year round in places like parks, pools, amusement parks and even your backyard. Prolonged exposure to the sun increases the risk of developing skin cancer. It can also cause sunburn. Sitting underneath a shade structure allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when the sun is strongest without having to worry about the harmful effects of UV rays coming from the sun.

Another benefit of shade structures is that they cool the area underneath them. The area underneath the canopy or roof of a shade structure can be up to twenty degrees cooler than an area that is exposed to the sun. A shade structure allows you to enjoy a picnic, read a book or just relax even when it is hot outside and the sun is shining brightly.

Shade structures are an excellent addition to playgrounds. Playground equipment can overheat in the sun. It can become too hot to touch. Kids playing in the open sun for too long can overheat and develop sunburn. A shade structure will help keep playground equipment cool, prevent kids from overheating and protect them against sunburn. Research has also shown that a shade structure increases the amount of time that kids play. This is important because kids need exercise and play to maintain a healthy weight and to develop social skills.

What Are The Things You Should Consider When Looking For A Shade Structure?

If you are looking for a shade structure for a public park or community pool you should consider the layout of the park. You will want to consider the size of the area that needs to be shaded, as well as your budget. Aesthetics and color scheme should also be taken into account. For private use in a home, cost and size should be the main factors taken into consideration.